Why Marketing is paramount for Lead Generation

Almost every business talks about marketing strategies to enhance their sales margin through strategic planning. But, according to Jumplead statistics, 68% of businesses struggle with sales profits by lead generation. This is noticeably due to the lack of knowledge and information on how to use lead generation effectively to generate prospective customers and an actual...
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Digital Marketing and competitive advantage 

Digital marketing and competitive advantage are two sides of the same coin that brings success and profits towards a business. Here, we discuss how these two segments act as one to achieve business goals and increase profits.    The use of Digital Marketing to gain competitive advantage The world has done something extremely beneficial to...
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How to create eye-catching advertisements to promote your brand?

Advertising is the core of a business’s growth and success. Using advertising strategies to promote your business is highly important to create market awareness about your brands. So, here we have listed down a few important facts about advertising, how it affects your business and how to create eye-catching advertising to promote your brand!   ...
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H & D Creations Advertising Agency Office Building

H & D Creations relocates to Colombo 7

Up and coming advertising agency H&D Creations, relocated to Gregory’s Road, Colombo 7, last week. The burgeoning agency handles advertising and branding, digital, web, mass media, video production and events. “Since H&D Creations was founded in 2012, three simple words have led the way: create meaningful experiences,” the agency said in a media release. “We...
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