Why Marketing is paramount for Lead Generation

Almost every business talks about marketing strategies to enhance their sales margin through strategic planning. But, according to Jumplead statistics, 68% of businesses struggle with sales profits by lead generation. This is noticeably due to the lack of knowledge and information on how to use lead generation effectively to generate prospective customers and an actual sale. Keeping this in mind, we thought of assisting you to give a few important facts about how marketing should be used for lead generation. 

Marketing and lead generation are like two ends on a string. With the correct approach and tactics, you can join these two ends to create an unbreakable circle to generate sales without worrying about future sales targets. Because when you have a proper flow combining your lead generation and marketing strategies, your business is in a result-based loop to gain profits through your leads. Marketo, a lead management solution provider states that ‘approximately 96% of website visitors aren’t ready to purchase’. They pinpoint that this is due to less experience in advanced marketing tactics and a lack of online marketing approach. So, here we discuss the most suitable marketing approaches with timely relevance for you to create your sales through lead generation. 

10 Benefits of Lead Generation Marketing

1. Enables business growth 

The main role of lead generation is to drive traffic to your website. These leads will help you to get new customers which results in business’s sales and revenue. Thus, increased revenue through lead generation is a foundation for business growth. Using lead generation increases the business profit ratio through amplified sales. Marketing Insider Group shows that only 13% of marketers know their lead generation efforts to be successful in growing their business. So enabling lead generation techniques to your website permits a  rising revenue is a stepping stone towards growth in your business, and lead generation is the mother of that growth!

2. Increases business efficiency 

There are many automated lead generation software and funnels you can use for your business’s efficiency. These tactics to increase sales and performance of your business and to engage in more visits to your website allows the communication, payment process, and other business operations to be more convenient with time efficiency and increased business performance. 

3. Give a better competitive advantage 

Allocating the correct inputs for your business’s lead generation with advanced technology and the use of digitalization gives you an outstanding competitive advantage. Companies who use lead generation for their marketing strategy are always a few steps ahead in their competition.  Gaining new customers and leads through a cost-effective strategy allows the business to gain a good marketing advantage through lead generation. 

4. Produce brand awareness

Through lead generation, you are allowing more eyes to witness your products and services. Many prospects and buying clients emerge through leads that have to build trust by word of mouth, communication through your site, or by awareness campaigns. The more leads visit your site allows your products and services to be more visible and also to build trust and credibility on your business. 

5. Cost-effective advertisements

Lead generating advertisements are highly cost-effective and are more accurate to generate result-oriented sales and profits. While you invest a large sum of the money to produce sales, the best and effective way to create adverts is through an advertising agency, who are creative and efficient with lead-generating marketing solutions. 

6. Targets desired clients

Lead generation permits a business to focus on a specific target audience which allows the business to spread its brand awareness in the correct direction. Through lead generation marketing, businesses can experience directed sales through the correct audience rather than only website visitors. A lead generated business is a successful business as it only allocates its target towards the correct and prospective target market! 

7. Allows to build a good database 

Lead generation benefits do not only focus on current marketing strategies, but also creates a database of powerful information about your leads, prospects, and clients. These databases will come in handy in the future when you plan on other marketing techniques such as email marketing, lead nurturing, and lead scoring strategies. 

8. Speed up your online sales process

Initiating lead generating funnels on your website is an advantage to speed up your online sales process. Through improved feedback and conversations in your site, the business adapts to efficient sales processes. Using lead generating tools helps the business to identify the paying customers and act on it! 

9. Generates a positive Return On Investment (ROI)

Your ROI will be beneficial with lead generation marketing as it helps you to build a high ROI because you will only pay on investment for the leads you gain. So, with lead generation, you know exactly where you need to invest to get a positive result! 

10. Clear communication 

When you use the correct marketing strategies for lead generation, you are allowing your consumers to communicate with transparency. Which means, your communication with the business and the consumers are clear and to the point! Since, you market on a specific target market, your leads will be the ideal customers who would want to know actual information on your products and services, and also be your paying customers. 

The above advantages are the main reasons you should use marketing to create lead generation to get more profitable sales and to reach your business goals without a hassle.

Now lets take a peek at some Lead Generation Marketing Strategies you could use: 

  1. Inbound Marketing: This is basically allowing your customers to find you online even before they plan to make a purchase! Consumers like to be entertained before they buy a product or a service. And you could do this via a viral video, webinars, social media campaigns, eBooks, and etc.  
  1. Outbound Marketing: Same as your inbound marketing aspects, lead generation can be produced through outbound marketing such as TV ads, radio ads, flyers, etc. 
  1. Content and SEO: The online world depends on content and SEO (search engine optimization). To be successful in your inbound marketing strategies you should think of adapting to good content and SEO for your websites, blogs, and newsletters.
  1. Website: Your website is the magic wand! Your leads get their information and trust built through your site and this is mostly where the actual sale generates! Hence, make sure your website is updated regularly with accurate content! 
  1. Blogs: You might think that blogs do not create lead generation, but consumers prefer to know relevant information about products and services before they proceed with the purchasing. So blog about your business and create a pathway for lead generation! 
  1. Social Media: Social media channels are the best way to spread word of mouth and to reach a good range of your target market! 
  1. Display ads: These ads allow your leads to find you in an approaching manner. Whether it’s a billboard display or an online ad, select a creative advertising agency to bring you more clients! 
  1. Email marketing: To stay in touch with your customers and to communicate on your offers and deals, email marketing is a good strategy to create lead generation! 
  1. PPC ads: Per-Per-Click ads help you to be available through a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. This is a terrific way to get leads towards your site! 
  1. Content Syndication: This allows your potential leads to find you through other third-party sites. So, advertising your products on third-party sites or in the newsletter is an added advantage of lead generation. 
  1. Direct mail: Even though you think this system would not work, have you thought any targeted CEOs browse through your website for details and offers. A direct mail will assist you to target leads from senior personals. 
  1. Events: Since event marketing is an important component of outbound marketing, you need to choose lead generation event planners and advertising agencies to do a good job for you! 
  1. SDRs: Sales Development Reps make sure all your leads go through your sales. They basically review your leads, contact, and make it a qualified lead and put a good impression on your lead visits. 

These important details identify and show us why marketing is important for lead generation. Traditional marketing strategies alone will not take your business to a good competition. But, with the correct lead generation marketing strategy, your business will be at the top of the competition and gain increased sales and revenue!

If you found this article helpful and are looking for a competent advertising agency to create advertising solutions for lead generations, please contact H & D Creations today, and our team will be happy to assist you.