Digital Marketing and competitive advantage 

Digital marketing and competitive advantage are two sides of the same coin that brings success and profits towards a business. Here, we discuss how these two segments act as one to achieve business goals and increase profits. 


The use of Digital Marketing to gain competitive advantage

The world has done something extremely beneficial to all businesses. Digitalization has its pros and cons in different ways, although for businesses it is a path towards success! Many organizations, especially start-ups or small businesses still tend to use traditional ways of marketing. However, along with fast-growing digital marketing strategies in the world, a business needs to adapt to these strategies to gain a good competitive advantage! The main characteristic of digital marketing is that it assists to identify and communicate directly with the target markets in a cost-effective and measurable way.

Here are some advantages of digital marketing in gaining competitive advantage. 

1 Global reach

Digital marketing tactics and methods allow a business to trade globally with cost-effective manners. To expand a business through international markets, digital marketing plays a huge role in identifying its core competitors and implementing marketing strategies to comply with an outstanding performance for brand awareness through the globe! 

2 Traceable and measurable results

Unlike traditional ways of marketing, digital marketing can be measured to identify market performances and to implement opportunities by tracking previous marketing results. This is an added advantage to competitive advantage because through tracking and measuring the performance, sales and profits, a business can grow into a success! 

3 Lower marketing costs

Most businesses think digital marketing is more costly than traditional ways. But, the truth is, digital marketing actually makes your marketing and advertising costs lower as it is available throughout the world and there are many ways to select your digital marketing strategies to gain a good competitive advantage! 

4 Improved conversion rates

Digital marketing including having a website, is the best way to get your customers to make a purchase within a few clicks. This acts as a competitive advantage because some businesses operate through walk-in sales, while a business that adapts digital marketing can get a sale through just a click! 

5 Transparency 

Your consumers are living in a highly advantaged technical era. They want to know about your products and services before they make a purchase. And how do they do it? Having internet at the fingertips they want to know what your current customers think of you, how transparent your business is! Digital marketing allows your business to be visible to your customers and leads and importantly being visible and transparent gives your business a high competitive advantage! 

Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage through Digital Marketing 

Shifting towards digital marketing strategies never lets a business fallout from gaining profits. Digital marketing helps a business to identify new target markets by analyzing how their rivals perform and to know who your online customers are. Your business will start to optimize its key performance indicators through digital marketing strategies to sustain a good competitive advantage! 

1 Builds and maintains a good brand image/reputation

Keeping an unwavering implementation and good digital marketing strategies allow your brand to create a great reputation. And in a digital marketing world, these brand images stand for a longer time than you think and it will help to sustain a competitive advantage! 

2 Digital platforms to keep in touch with your customers

Digital marketing assists to perform in many digital platforms from social media to websites. According to Marketingsherpa, 95% of people use social media to follow brands and make purchases through digital platforms. Utilizing your marketing strategies through these media platforms allow you to increase your competitive advantage. 

3 Creates user experience 

The experience your users have today builds up the future of the business through conversation rates and reviews. So, being available online creates a competitive user experience and will imprint a good image of your brand. Allowing your clients to contact you and responding promptly with feedback and informative communication, will help your business to grab the attention of your current customers and it will lead to good word of mouth and reviews on your business. 

4 Competitive content

Digital marketing strategies give a business a chance to create competitive content adapting SEO related keywords to achieve a good competitive advantage. Good content always will be at the top of the competitive chain. Whether it’s your social media or website, updating your content from time to time helps you refresh the search engine optimized research and bring good traffic towards your business. 

5 Builds a loyal customer audience 

This is one of the best advantages to gain through digital marketing, as it creates a loyal customer audience who will always expect to do business with you through the trust they gain through experience. The reputation of your brand and your advertising strategies allow your customers to stick with you no matter how your rivalry acts! 

Therefore to gain a sustainable competitive advantage a business needs to adapt to digital marketing strategies and create digital advertising methods to attract your target markets. Creating an advertising strategy with digitalization and converting it to gain a competitive advantage should be done with expert knowledge. The more creative your marketing materials are, will gain you more competitive advantages! Hence, planning your digital marketing and competitive advantage strategies in line with creative advertisements is very important.

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